making her mark


BY LISA SZUKHENT -- On the Town Magazine --

Today’s business world finds those top seats not reserved for the suit-and-tie club but being shared with the high-profile women of society, and the role of boss being equally divided between the genders. Actress Amy Poehler once said, “I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind learning.” That ambitious nature and mentality has led to determined, business-minded women making their mark across their chosen fields. Although the driving thought may seem new to the forefront, some women have been walking the walk for years and having huge success along the way yet keeping humble and passionate about what they do.


You can’t work in local real estate in the area without hearing her name. Kathy Quayle of Coldwell Banker Kuehnle and Associates, Inc. has been making her mark in home sales since 1992. Encouraged by a friend to give the career a shot, Kathy was looking for something new and different. She credits the atmosphere of the office she began with (and still works for) as the foundation for her successful career. “At that time, the manager, Sharon Davis, was an inspirational mentor to me,” Quayle says. “She knew the business and was so generous with her time and experience.” She adds, “Rich [Kuehnle] led his office with the utmost integrity and accepted nothing less of his agents. To this day, other than the size of the office nothing has changed….He does not compromise his integrity for anything or anybody and quite frankly neither do I.”


Those who work with Quayle can attest to her commitment and integrity. In an industry that has experienced its fair shares of ups and downs, Quayle understands the importance of providing every customer and client with the finest, most complete and professional real estate services possible.


“We are talking about a home and family! Nothing is more important to me than family. A home is where we make the most cherished memories…I know the importance of the transaction both financially and emotionally.” Making memories and building futures is what makes her an agent in the forefront of her business and a standout among others. She finds satisfaction in helping her clients find that perfect “fit” whether it be a first home or a last. Every transaction is just as important as the next.


Coldwell Banker’s extensive listings bring skill and detail that ensure a smooth transaction and a pleasant experience for buyers, sellers, and cooperating realtors.  Broker Richard Kuehnle is quick to note what sets Quayle apart from the others, “her work ethic.” He notes the negative connotations often associated with real estate agents is something that is far from the integrity that Quayle puts forth. Kuehnle comments that the key to success for any agent is to always remember that providing a service to the client is the priority. This thought transcends through not only working with the buyer, but as a listing agent for clients as well. He has proved his concept for a good real estate business for over 60 years. It’s a format that has definitely worked for him and his company. It’s about doing the right thing!


“This is our profession. We help people make one of their most important and largest investments,” Quayle states.


With so many avenues of business having been male-dominated in the past, real estate has been one that has showcased successful women, including agents, managers, and brokers. It’s a world in which women have been able to make their mark and earn respect. Quayle mentions, “As long as I have been in the business there has always been a very strong presence of professional women” and foresees as the years move on the ever-changing world of real estate will include both women and men alike.


While the presence of women in the industry may not have changed drastically, the way they do business is ever-evolving. Quayle comments, “Prior to the internet open houses were a means for the buyer to view homes and an opportunity for agents to interact with new buyers. In today’s world of technology, buyers are able to view homes without ever walking through the front door.” The Internet has now replaced the old MLS books to satisfy a world demanding immediate gratification. Yet both Quayle and Kuehnle feel that technology will never really replace the relationship between the client and agent. It’s a feeling that just can’t be duplicated.


Throughout her career, Kathy Quayle has stayed humble and focused on her job. She started when the market was strong and weathered through the ups and downs of a changing and often challenging economy. She attributes her success to surrounding herself with positive energy and people like Rich Kuehnle, outstanding title companies, lenders, inspectors and fellow agents. With her sister, Laurie Thal by her side as her valuable assistant, Quayle can’t picture herself exiting the business she so loves. She prides herself in helping clients maneuver through the process of buying or selling their home in a smooth stress-free process. Although changes and business evolvement continue to occur, and Quayle feels they may enhance her approach to “doing things smarter,” she will continue to do things the way she has for 32 years, with poise, compassion and drive fueled by the goal to bring satisfaction to clients looking to live the dream one home at a time.